April 2021 Newsletter

General Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
Create A Spring Beaded Bangle with Pascale Ohayon

Log into zoom: 843-8627-8917 passcode: 224059 or click on the red box below.
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During our April 15th meeting, Pascale Ohayon will be teaching this spring bracelet.
All the kits have been mailed out. You can follow along even if don’t have a kit. 

“April is Spring, colors of flowers blooming and freshly painted Easter eggs. I wanted to bring a fresh and colorful look to wear on your wrist for 2021 Spring. The bangle is made only out of seed beads in many colors and beautiful large glass pearls. I am using RAW and peyote. Have a #12 needle ready as well as your favorite thread, mine for this project is a 6/8 pounds Fireline smoked. Bead mat, scissors, or thread burner necessary. “

Membership News

Membership dues are now $50 for everyone. You will receive a notice from PayPal that all memberships will be $50.
This is just a notice and does not mean that your membership is due. As a courtesy, our membership Chairperson, Pascale, will e-mail you at the beginning of the month when your membership is due. Please pay by PalPal, if possible. 

Upcoming Meetings

Club Bead for 2022 is filled but there is a waiting list and there will be news about an added virtual component the weekend after Club Bead is finished. Keep reading your newsletters for more info.

Monthly Meetings.

We have lots of exciting free monthly meeting workshops for members and paid weekend workshops coming up. Look for workshops by Myriam Ribenboim, Vicky Colburn, Cathi Rivera, Pascale Ohayon, and Linda Landy.
Read your newsletters.

Workshop Kits. If you want to receive your kits and other membership materials you must click and respond to the surveys. Unless you do this in a timely manner, we won’t be able to purchase & send supplies to you. 

Want to see your work on our website or on social media? Send me your images with your name, a description, and the name of the person who taught the class that inspired you. www.president@sfjag.org

Final thoughts…

Are you interested in attending an in-person Members Retreat in October 2021?
Check your e-mail for a Survey Monkey to vote on this opportunity. It will be coming to your e-mail soon.