Jayashree Paramesh

| Instructor |

 Jayashree Paramesh was introduced to the world of beads through a bead embroidery class she took while a student at Parsons, The New School for Design, New York. She looks everywhere for inspiration and then creates from within. Her designs are more about her desire to bring out the unique beauty of the beads and the woman, rather than having a signature style. That being said, she is inspired by fine jewelry and loves to use some gold or silver in her pieces. Sparkly crystals and gemstones in jewel-tones are her favorites. 

She has been beading for about 11 years. Her designs have been published in Perlen Poesie, Beadwork, Bead and Jewellery Magazine and Bead and Button. She has taught and continues to teach at various studios and stores across the USA, Bead and Button Shows, exclusive bead retreats, bead cruises and Bead Guilds. It is a very gratifying experience for her to share her designs with fellow bead artists.

 To see more of her work, and purchase her kits and tutorials, please visit www.nchantme.com 

Happy Beading! 

Project:  Opulence Necklace

 The over-the-top extravagance of the Palace of Versailles was the inspiration for Opulence Necklace. The magnificent interiors covered in gold leaf moldings, rich silk drapes, bows, ribbons, drops, countless candlelit chandeliers at night, decorated mirrors and paintings, all exude opulence. Some details, especially the framed mirrors and paintings, from this grand palace made it to the design of Opulence Necklace. 

Opulence Necklace features a very large cushion-cut rectangle which is bezelled with seed beads and embellished with several layers of pearls, bicones, and other beads. A pretty beaded drop dangles below. This sizable pendant hangs from a beaded rope with several embellished stations. This necklace transports you to an elegantly decorated room from long ago where everything was lit up by candlelight and nestled in soft shadows, where women in soft, velvet gowns twirled around wearing stare-worthy jewelry. 

Length of Necklace: 23” long, not including pendant. Pendant: 3 ¼” long x 1 ½” wide 

Techniques: CRAW, RAW, peyote and embellishment stitches. 

Suitable for students proficient in Cubic Right Angle Weave Stitch. 

Kits: Kit will be available in a few other colors like Fuchsia, Aquamarine, Siam and Ultra Orange. 
Price TBD.