September 2021 Newsletter

SFJAG Members Exhibition

November 9, 2021

For Members Only

Exhibit your jewelry creations virtually at the

Gallery of Light

To submit your creations:

  1. Create your jewelry
  2. Photograph your jewelry – make sure your photos are in focus
  3. Label each photo – under each image type the following info:
    Your first and last name
    Title of piece
    Materials used
    The person who inspired or taught you to create this work
  4. Maximum submissions: 3
  5. Submit your work to:

Deadline for submission: October 7, 2021

Membership News

Membership dues are now $50 for everyone. You will receive a notice from PayPal that all memberships will be $50.This is just a notice and does not mean that your membership is due. As a courtesy, our membership Chairperson, Pascale will e-mail you during the beginning of the month when your membership is due. Please pay by Palpal, if possible.Your membership is important to us and to you. Your membership allows you to participate in all our exciting events and workshops.

Upcoming Meetings

We will be meeting live September 30, 2021 at Pinecrest Gardens!

Tell your friends. We will be making a bow tie bracelet with Lisa Lochten.
Kits will be arriving at your house soon.
This meeting will also be on zoom. Link will be in the next newsletter.

General Elections

General elections nominations will be coming up in October. Voting is in November. Nominate yourself and someone you’d love to work with for Vice President, or Treasurer. This is a perfect opportunity to meet and work with some really wonderful people and keep our club vibrant and exciting. 

We need you!!!

Read your newsletters

If you want to receive your kits and other membership materials you must click and respond to to the survey monkey links. Unless you do this in a timely manner, we won’t be able to purchase & send supplies to you.

Want to see your work on our website or on social media?

Send me or Pascale your clear images with your name, a description, and the name of the person who taught the class that inspired you. or membership@sfjag.orgYou must have your name and the name of the person who inspired/ taught you how to create your piece otherwise we can’t publish it.

Final thoughts…

We are working on an in-person exciting holiday celebration in December.

Invitations were mailed to all members. Please RSVP to Pascale at when you get the invitation to get the party address.